Post-Conference Summary

Metropolitan Moses and the Cathedral Parish of Saint Nektarios hosted this years Family-Youth Conference on the weekend of October 12-14. The theme of the conference was “An Orthodox Christian Worldview,” subtitled: “The many thoughts that guide the actions of men.”

The conference worked from the foundation of the unique Orthodox Christian Worldview of man as a free rational spiritual being who has been give by God the potential for a Divine-human existence.

The titles of the spiritual talks were:
What Is A Saint? By Metropolitan Moses
How Do I Gain True Freedom? By Fr. Steven Allen
The Way The Truth And The Life By Fr. John Somers
Orthodox Christian Lifestyle by Hieromonk Savvas
Modern Media – The Need To Be Disconnected By Protodeacon Paraskevas Proskos

The lectures mentioned above were given in English at the Loretto College School.

Simultaneous to the lectures in English, homilies with a different theme were given at the Saint Nektarios Cathedral in Greek. Fr. Panagiotes Carras gave a homily on “The Theotokos And The Lord’s Passion” and Fr. George Turpa gave a homily on “The Calendar of the Church.”

There were approximately 290 participants for the English talks and 90 for the Greek talks.

Fr. Panagiotes made the observation that this year is the 40th anniversary of the first conference given at the Saint Nektarios Cathedral in 1978.

The Conference began Friday, October 12th at 6:00 PM with registration and a “meet and greet” session. Talks began on Saturday October 13 at 9:30 AM and continued throughout the day.

In the Fifth Session of the day the younger folk participated in an “Orthodox Fall Fair,” where there was an animal presentation, games like the "Wheel of Orthodoxy" and photo opportunities for all at our “#Disconnected” Mural which served as a symbol for withdrawing from the media in order to connect with Christ. The mural was created by one the Toronto youth, Nektaria Baboulas. New friends were made and old friends were reacquainted at the Fair activities and there were also impromptu games of soccer and football.

After the Fifth Session a delicious dinner was served, followed by Vespers.

The next day Hierarchical Liturgy was served with 5 priests and 4 deacons. Metropolitan Moses gave a sermon on the Gospel and reminded us that we are saved through our love for our brethren.

The Conference ended with a banquet at a favorite seafood banquet hall with an invitation to all to attend the feast of Saint Nektarios this year, but also an invitation for the feast of Saint Nektarios in 2019, which will be the 50 year anniversary of the parish.

Metropolitan Moses expressed his thanks to the clergy who spoke, the organizers, who did a tremendous job to make everything work so well, and the participants for being at the 2018 Family-Youth Conference.

View Lectures from the 2018 Orthodox Family and Youth Conference

Photos: Saturday, October 13 at Loretto College

Photos: Sunday, October 14 at St Nektarios Cathedral